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Friends cut.

I removed only inactive journals from my flist. If I misclicked and removed someone I shouldn't have, please, do let me know :-)
I went ahead and removed some inactive and deleted accounts from my friends' page as well as a couple more. If I accidentally removed you, um, let me know?

Support Trick or Treat!

If you are not a Support volunteer, then you can ignore this entry or you can find it a good opportunity to get involved in Support! If you are a Support volunteer, though, or employee, read ahead!

Trick or treat!Collapse )

Edit: Forgot to mention! This shall be open till Monday morning, Pacific time.
Double edit: If anyone still wants to do this but is late, go ahead, it doesn't matter. Let's say that this is open for another 24 hours :)

Bad password?

Quite a few of you have gotten the "You're locked out of LJ because your password sucks." and complained about it.

1) This had been announced in news last month, so you should have known it was coming. And if you're not watching news, you really should.
2) If your password is insecure, then it puts everyone at risk. Not only you, but your friends as well. You know how some of your friends post their contact info in friends-only entries? Well, if someone breaks into your journal that contact info won't be that safe any more. Not to mention, of course, how someone could break into your account to just violate the ToS and how you'd be into trouble.
3) You know, it's not very possible that someone will go and try to guess your password. People cannot do this manually. Machines can, though. There are programs out there that can check thousands of combinations per minute. So what does this mean? That a program can very very easily guess your password if it isn't a secure one.
4) LJ isn't doing this to piss you off. Why would they want to piss you off, after all? You're the clients. They have, however, to do anything possible to keep the site secure.

In two words? Do not complain because this was done for your and your friends' good.

Friends cut.

As much as I hate friends cut, I had to do one. That's just because I just cannot keep up with the volume of entries on my friends page. So please, do not be offended if I've removed you. I have nothing against you - I just don't have the time to read your entries and I'd prefer not to feel bad seeing them there and being unable to read them. Because I'm weird like this.

If you wish to say something, comments on this entry are screened. But please, have in mind that I hate drama.

Friends Only.

I used to make some entries public, but, for my own reasons, I've decided to lock all of my entries and make my journal accessible only to my friends.

If you wish to be added in my friends' list, you can post a comment here, saying who you are.


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